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Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays everyone! Crazy to see another year has come and gone! As usual, we want to thank each and every one of you for visiting Jellyneo and making what we do worth it. Here's to a happy and healthy 2017!

What's this? It looks like a story book of some kind! But what kind of story would be sitting here? Guess there's only one way to find out...

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Every Neopet loves Christmas a lot,
But Dr. Sloth, up in space, absolutely did NOT!
Dr. Sloth hated it all. Despised the whole season,
Goodness and gifts offended him without reason.
A rotten old soul, from his feet to his head,
He would rather that Neopets were suffering instead.
On Christmas Eve of that terrible year,
He had suffered enough of the yuletide cheer.
He summoned his Grundos, his slaves from the moon,
And told them a scheme that he'd make happen soon.
Christmas in Neopia would be no more,
He would steal all the presents, this he swore.
A Virtupets® sleigh the Grundos did make,
With thrusters, and lasers, and smoke in its wake.
Sloth dressed himself in red and in white,
In a Christmas suit he looked quite a sight!
With his disguise complete he let out a snort,
He was a Spirit of Giving, with Christmas to thwart!
In his mechanical sleigh he flew down below,
And found a town covered in snow.
He perched on the roof and took to the chimney,
But got stuck half way—he wasn't that skinny!
A blast from his ray gun sorted that out,
And he landed in the lounge with a triumphant shout.
Sloth did not wait for raptured applause,
But set to his work as a bad Santa Claus.
He packed all the stockings up into a sack,
With presents, and tinsel, all slung on his back.
The tree he did fell, and the baubles he smashed.
Christmas, he thought, had been thoroughly trashed.
When a sound from the doorway interrupted his snarl,
Stood in a nightdress was a startled Grarrl.
"Well, looky-here!" the Grarrl cried in surprise.
"There's a Santa in here and the place all crosswise!"
"There ain't nairy a gift under that there tree,
And the tree is ruined - oh lordy!"
Sloth smiled at the girl and, full of guile,
Concocted a lie, bold and quite vile.
"Don't worry," he said, in his best friendly tone,
"There were problems with the gifts—defections quite prone."

"I'm taking them back, to get them repaired,
And the tree I'll replace," he deftly declared.
"Well I'll be darned!" the Grarrl gasped with glee.
As Dr. Sloth attemped to flee.

He shot up the chimney and made good his escape,
Rosie just stood there, mouth quite agape.
The doctor continued his night of yule theft,
By the first rays of dawn there was nothing Chrismassy left.
Sloth sat on his spaceship, smug in his chair,
When an awful sound began to drift through the air.
From the townships below the singing did come,
Sounds of joy and goodwill that made him feel quite glum.
Sloth couldn't believe it. He wouldn't, he couldn't!
Christmas had come, even though he thought that it shouldn't.
Sloth got to thinking, there in that ship,
His brow deep and furrowed, and hands on his hip.

"It came without ribbons! It came without tags!"
"It came without packages, boxes or bags!"

Sloth thought to himself, "Maybe I have been wrong."
"Maybe Christmas meant more to them all along."
Some say, on that day, that Sloth's awful heart turned,
From some seasonal message that he had somehow learned.
For later that morning, he took to his sleigh,
And returned all the presents he'd taken away.
With a sleigh bell song and a wave of his hand,
He brought back Christmas across the land.
The Neopets all thought, "Oh what a good chap!"
But the fools had all fallen for Sloth's nasty trap.
For inside each present was his own little gift,
A festive red hat to give them a lift.
Most put on the hats without thinking twice,
And triggered a Virtucorp Mind Controlling Device™!
Preloading some holiday spirit...

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