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Happy Holidays, 2011!

As the year comes to a close, the Jellyneo Staff would like to wish you a Happy Holiday, and a prosperous New Year! We're glad that you've stuck with JN, and have made us your number one Neopets help site choice! :) We hope you'll keep coming back in 2012, and that we can provide you with all of the Neopets help you'll ever need. As a thank you, we've prepared a little audio special for you... so sit back, relax, and listen to our audio holiday greetings! :D

Turn your speakers up!

Ten bonus clips have been hidden around the greeting. You will have to click and hold down the left mouse button to hear them. Try to find them all!

Tip: Hover over each of the JN staffers... you might hear a personal "happy holidays" message! There's 20 of us that say something.

Also, be sure to click on the JN Greeting Card hanging on the tree for an extra bonus.

Can't hear the staff messages? No problem! Our transcripts for the messages are located below.


Dave: Hey guys, hope you have a happy holiday, and a great new year!

Illusioniste (Illy):
Illy: [Knock knock knock] Link, I need to talk to you!
Link: About what?
Illy: The holiday message thing. Have you seen the lyrics?
Link: No, why?
Illy: Well... You say Shoryu and I say Shoyru.
Link: You say Meecra and I say Meerca.
Illy: Shoyru!
Link: Shoryu!
Illy: Meecra!
Link: Meerca!
Illy: Oh, let's call the whole thing off!
Link: Well, you say Maquaria but I say Maraqua.
Illy: Scientist in the laboratory, not the labratory.
Link: I don't want a Kwark; I do want a Krawk.
Illy: We're in the Lost Desert and not the Lost Dessert.
Link: Maraqua!
Illy: Laboratory!
Link: Krawk!
Illy: Lost Desert!
Link: Oh, let's call the whole thing off!
Illy: So, you do quests for Illusion, but I do quests for Illusen.
Link: Better go with Jhudora and not with Juhdora.
Illy: For we know we need this song so we better call the calling off off!
Link: Let's call the whole thing off!
Illy: Hey guys, we had a really awesome song planned for you--it was going to blow your socks off, but we ran into some technical difficulties Oh well, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 聖誕快樂 新年好 And an early Happy Chinese New Year... 你能hold住嗎? [Laughter]

News Posters

Jen: Kia ora tatou! Ko Jen ahau, ngā mihi nui mō te Kirihimete! Hey everyone! Jen here, wishing you a very happy Christmas!

Content Writers

Grog: Merry Christmas! From the vast, empty depths of the Content...is that a fruitcake? I love fruitcake! Can I, can I have a piece? Of that fruitcake. Fruitcake fruitcake fruitcake. More fruitcake! I need that fruitcake! Please, where can I find more of that delicious fruitcake?!? I need it! Tell me! ... And now for something completely different!

Max: Hey, Max here. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annae.

Petpet Park Crew

Nick: Hey there! Nick here, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. Best wishes for 2012, and here's hoping the new year is--
Never gonna give you up,
Never gonna let you down,
Never gonna run around and desert you.
Never gonna make you cry,
Never gonna say goodbye,
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

Spixi: Hi there! Happy Blitz-Being-Back-And-Giving-Me-Presents month! I mean...uh...Merry Christmas, or Happy Whatever-Winter-Holiday-You-Choose-To-Celebrate. Hope you're having a fun day.

Noir: Here's something to think about: Did you know that the song "Jingle Bells" was not originally written for Christmas? Inspired by the sleigh races of Medford, Massachusetts, where he lived at the time, composer James Lord Pierpont wrote "Jingle Bells" during the 1850s as a Thanksgiving piece for his students, not a Christmas carol. Of course, it didn't stay just a Thanksgivings tune for long. Anyways, happy holidays from me, Noir! 즐거운 크리스마스 보내세요! [Korean: Jeulgeo'un keurisumasu bonehsehyo! (Have a Joyful Christmas!)]

noileh: Hey guys, it's noileh here to wish you all a very happy holidays. Kellemes Karacsonyi Unnepeket, Feliz Navidad, and Merry Christmas. [Hungarian for "Merry Christmas"; Spanish for "Happy Christmas."]

Graphic Designers

Pingu: Happy holidays everybody!

Rosie: Hello, this is Rosie. I hope you all have a safe holiday and best wishes for the new ye-- [distant beeps in the background] .......and that would be my microwave.

Rylon: Hi guys, Rylon here wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Now under the tree this year, I'm hoping for a new set of mugs, a posh new teapot (one that doesn't turn me into a ghost would be nice!), and an endless supply of PG Tips teabags--I can get a little cranky if we run out, and no one wants a cranky Rylon over the holidays, do they!

Item Database Crew

Mika: Joyeux Noel et de tres bons voeux pour tout le monde pour cette nouvelle annae que va commencer...hum...bonnes fetes a tout le monde. [French for: Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year to everybody...hum...happy holidays to all.]

SciFi: Happy Holidays Earthliiings... [Stage direction: Cat walks in looking for food.]

Skylar: May your days be merry, and your Neggnog endless!

Summra: Hey everybody, this is Summra! I wish you all a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year!

And now, for those of you who are still listening, for something completely different. Behold, for I have my letter to the jolly ol' man himself! [Clears throat.]

Dear Socko Claus,
I can't believe it's that time of year again--once more you are about to make the yearly worldwide trip to all the good boys and girls of Jellyneo to deliver holiday cheer. When you reach my house this year, I ask of you to leave only one thing: the Boxmaster 9000! Spacious, plush interior, Wi-Fi Internet capability, a hot chocolate machine with a seemingly endless supply of marshmallows, and reinforcing duct tape in the colour of my choosing. But the best part of the Boxmaster 9000 is the radar system, programmable to any being. Now, Socko Claus, you know I'm one of the good ones, but sometimes while working in the Item Database, I need a nap; once I set the radar to notify me of Ian approaching, he will never catch me napping again! So, thank you, Socko Claus--enjoy the jelly cookies, and have a safe journey. Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, and all that jazz!



Kataklysmos: From New York, this is Kata wishing you a happy holiday season and a non-apocalyptic new year.

Sloth Minions

Illy: Linky the Snowman was a jolly, happy soul.
Link: With a corncob pipe and a button nose and two eyes made out of coal.
Illy: Linky the Snowman is a fairy tale they say.
Link: He was made of snow but the children know how he came to life one day.
Illy: There must have been some magic in that old silk hat they found.
Link: For when they placed it on his head, he began to dance around.
Illy: Oh, Linky the Snowman, was alive as he could be.
Link: And the children say he could laugh and play just the same as you and me.
Link: Merry Christmas, everyone! Happy new year, and I hope your days are filled with happiness and joy and all that fluffy stuff.

Scout: Hi Jellyneo! I hope your holidays are going well. May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Font Makers

Kayte: Hello, this is Kayte wishing you a Merry Christmas. While you are here, have some Christmas pudding and enjoy the holiday season.

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